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The William G. & Jennie N. Masterton House

222 East Third Street
1920 - 1937
By Gail J. McCormick

The William G. & Jennie N. Masterton House is located at 222 East Third Street in Molalla, Oregon.  The architectural style is 20 Century Vernacular/Craftsman.  "W. G. Masterton" is engraved in the front sidewalk.  The house is simply, quite pretty.  To a woman's eye, the outside reminds one of a doll house. Today, the house is privately owned.

William G. Masterton was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1858. There he took up the occupation of his father, which was blacksmithing and horse shoeing.  In 1872, he immigrated to the United States.  The 1910 census shows him owning a blacksmith shop in Canby on Fourth Street.  By 1914, he had started a blacksmith business in Molalla.   On the 1920 Molalla census, he and Jennie are listed as living on Third Street in Molalla.  By 1921, his blacksmith business had evolved into an automobile garage business.

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1900, 1910, 1920 census for W. G. Masterton,, 2017
Email message from Judith Sanders Chapman advising architectural style of house. November, 2017.

© Gail J. McCormick, 2018

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