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Window restoration underway!

As of the end of April the Moots men, Arlyn and his brother Reed, finished restoring the leaded glass in the lower bank of windows in Ivor Davies Hall.

These were the 100 year old windows from the MUHS auditorium that survived the earthquake, 53 years of students, and being moved to the museum. No panes of glass were broken during this week long process, much to everyone’s amazement.  They will be back in June to start the middle bank with scaffolding in tow!

Thanks to everyone who supported this project.  We still have $5000 to raise to complete the project if you are so moved to help.    

The difference in the windows is quite apparent; no more waves of bent panes, no gaps between the glass and frames, and no more pieces of antique putty making ruffled edges.  They should still be here in another 100 years.

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