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Ivor Davies Hall Window Project

Updated: Feb 20

Be a Part of Preservation of Molalla History

The Molalla Area Historical Society (MAHS) is asking for supporters to help fund repairs to the iconic leaded glass windows that grace the Ivor Davies Hall.

The windows are four of the original five windows salvaged from the auditorium of the Molalla Union High School (MUHS). After the 1993 earthquake damage, the school was demolished and the Hall was built as a memorial to the school.

The century old windows are deteriorating and are at risk of being lost to posterity if they are not repaired.

What you can do…

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to pay leaded and stained glass artist Arlyn Moots, MUHS alumnus, to painstakingly repair the broken zinc pieces and reglaze the panes. You can donate directly from our website by heading over to and click the DONATE button.  Alternatively, you can send a check to our mailing address: MAHS, PO Box 828, Molalla, OR. 97038

In addition, you can share this message with other folks that have an interest in helping to preserve Molalla’s historic relics.

And, of course, you are welcome to stop by the museum and check out the situation for yourself. 


Ivor Davies Hall as it is today at the Dibble House Museum complex

MUHS in 1925 after it was finished but not yet landscaped or open to students. 

The auditorium windows faced 5th street, from S Molalla Avenue.

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1 Comment

The article inaccurately lists the earthquake as 1983 instead of 1993. It was the spring break quake my Jr year

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